Strategic Partnership with Lithium Australia (ASX:LIT)

MetalsTech has entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement with ASX-listed Lithium Australia to use and apply (on an exclusive basis in Quebec) its proprietary Sileach and LieNA lithium extraction technologies, as well as pipeline technologies applicable to the processing of lithium from spodumene concentrate.

Lithium extraction technology and hard rock processing solutions will play a strategic role in the lithium space into the future. A low cost processing solution is core to our business strategy and combined with our exposure to some of the cheapest industrial power globally in Quebec-Hydro, we believe with the help of a technology partner like Lithium Australia, we can strategically position ourselves to be one of the lowest cost lithium producers and a supplier of choice for the North American market.

About Sileach

Lithium Australia has developed a hydrometallurgical process, the Sileach process, for the recovery of lithium from spodumene, the host crystals for MetalsTech’s lithium projects and currently the primary source of hard rock lithium production globally.

Key features of the proprietary process include:

  • universal leaching process for Li ores such as spodumene, micas, jadarite and clays
  • low energy, no roasting required
  • low cost
  • low temperature / atmospheric pressure
  • rapid reaction times

Sileach has demonstrated lithium extractions from alpha-spodumene of up to 92% in 4 hours.

Sileach continuous pilot plant operation, ANSTO Minerals, Lucas Heights, NSW