iCobalt Appoints VP Exploration and MTC Priority Record Date

iCobalt Appoints Experienced VP Exploration Update on Priority Offer to MetalsTech Shareholders

MetalsTech (MTC or the Company) is pleased to provide an update on the proposed listing of its subsidiary iCobalt Limited (iCobalt).
iCobalt plans to list on the ASX via a $4.5m Initial Public Offer with a Priority Offer to eligible MTC shareholders. Upon listing, iCobalt will have an undiluted market capitalisation of $9.1 million and an enterprise value of $4.6 million.
Subject to MTC obtaining shareholder approval, pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 11.4.1(b), for the disposal of the Bay Lake High Grade Cobalt Project (held by MTC’s wholly-owned subsidiary, MetalsTech Bay Lake Cobalt Inc.), iCobalt will seek admission to the Official List of the ASX pursuant an Initial Public Offer (Spinout).
iCobalt will accelerate the exploration activity on the 100%-owned Bay Lake High Grade Cobalt Project and proceed with the 100% acquisition of the Rusty Lake Silver-Cobalt-Nickel Mine, both located in Ontario, Canada.


Appointment of VP Exploration

  • Cherie Leeden appointed as VP Exploration to iCobalt Limited. Mrs Leeden is a Geologist with more than 15 years’ experience in multi commodity mining and mineral exploration and has led teams through resource discovery and development across graphite, base metals, iron ore and coal, two of which are now in production
  • Mrs Leeden was the co-founder and former Managing Director of Battery Minerals Limited (ASX:BAT) and was responsible for the discovery of an extensive portfolio of high grade graphite deposits in Mozambique

Priority Offer Update

  • Priority Offer under the Spinout will entitle MTC shareholders holding a minimum of 20,000 shares, a pro rata entitlement on a 1 for 5 basis as at the Record Date (Qualifying Priority Holder), a guaranteed right to subscribe for a minimum of 10,000 iCobalt shares at $0.20 per share (Minimum Allocation) and scope to subscribe for additional shares (subject to Maximum Allocation of 250,000 iCobalt shares at $0.20 per share). The Priority Offer is not strictly a pro-rata entitlement for all MTC shareholders to participate in the Public Offer
  • Pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 11.4 and 7.7, the Record Date for the Priority Offer will be set as the date which is four business days after the date of lodgement of the Prospectus with the ASX which is expected to be in early March 2018. This will allow MTC shareholders the opportunity to qualify for the Priority Offer

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Dynavolt Defaults on Strategic Investment in MTC

Dynavolt Renewable Energy Technology Co Ltd Defaults on Strategic Investment

MetalsTech Limited (MTC or the Company) provides the following update regarding the proposed investment by Shenzhen-listed Dynavolt Renewable Energy Technology Co Ltd (Dynavolt).

  • Dynavolt fails to fulfil its obligations under the legally Binding Terms Sheet by 31 January 2018 (refer ASX Release dated 6 December 2017 and 15 January 2018)
  • MTC received a Termination Letter from Dynavolt on 1 February 2018 stating “Dynavolt is not satisfied with the outcome of the due diligence on the Company and is of the view that the subscription proposed under the Terms Sheet will not be in conformity with the development strategy of Dynavolt”
  • For clarification, the Binding Terms Sheet with Dynavolt was subject to legal, financial, title and regulatory due diligence on the Company and the Projects. MTC and its advisors have not received a clear answer from Dynavolt as to what specific due diligence matters under the Binding Terms Sheet (legal, financial, title, regulatory) have not been satisfied and no indication of outstanding issues had been raised prior to receipt of the Termination Letter which was only provided upon demand by MTC
  • MTC is seeking advice as to whether Dynavolt has acted unlawfully, however as it is possible that Dynavolt’s purported termination has been influenced by an adverse change in its own financial and corporate circumstances, from a practical standpoint Dynavolt may not be capable of completing
  • While Dynavolt’s default is disappointing, MTC is fully funded for its exploration plans including at the Adina Lithium Project where an approximate 250m x 2km outcropping geological structure with high grade lithium mineralisation at surface will be targeted with mobilisation of a 2,000m diamond core drill program scheduled for 14 February 2018
  • Downhole Optical and Acoustic Televiewer survey (OTV-ATV) to commence at Cancet in early March as precursor to recommencement of drilling at the shallow high grade lithium deposit
  • Strategic $1.8m funding deal with Wuxi Baichuan Chemical Industrial Co (BCC) progressing well with the Government Regulatory Approval Process (China) underway following satisfaction of technical due diligence and completion of the MERN Transfers – for clarity, the End Date under the relevant BCC agreement is defined as “19 February 2018 or such later date as determined by the Company at its sole discretion, provided such date is not later than 15 March 2018”

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Quarterly Activities Report - 31 December 2017

December 2017 Quarterly Activities Report

MetalsTech Limited (MTC or the Company) is pleased to report its exploration for the quarter ended 31 December 2017. During the quarter, the Company completed a diamond drilling campaign at the 100%-owned Cancet Lithium Project in Quebec, Canada. Planning for the maiden drilling campaign at the 100%-owned Adina Lithium Project was also finalised during the quarter with a 2,000-metre drilling campaign to commence within the next three weeks. The Company also completed a detailed geological review covering each of the lithium assets in Quebec, Canada, with a view to advancing their exploration and development over the coming quarter. A particular focus will be given to the Terre des Montagnes, Kapiwak and Wells-Lacourciere Lithium Projects.
The spin out of the 100%-owned Bay Lake High-Grade Cobalt Project in Ontario, Canada, through iCobalt Limited is advancing following the appointment of Mr David Riekie as the Managing Director and Alto Capital as the Lead Manager to the IPO. iCobalt will be exploring and developing the Bay Lake Cobalt Project as well as (subject to completion of the proposed transaction) the Rusty Lake Cobalt-Nickel-Silver Mine in Ontario, Canada. iCobalt plans to list on the ASX during Q2 of 2018.


Cancet Lithium Project
• Exploration Target at the Cancet Lithium Project estimated in the range of 15Mt to 25Mt @ 1.0% to 2.0% Li2O and 100ppm to 250 ppm Ta2O5 (refer to ASX announcement dated 9 November 2017
• Results from Phase II drilling at Cancet included (refer to ASX announcement dated 19 December 2017):

  • MTC17-044 – 5.00m @ 1.83% Li2O from 8.00m depth, including:
    ▪ 1m @ 6.18% Li2O (12.00m to 13.00m); and
    ▪ 2m @ 1.46% Li2O (8.00m to 10.00m)
  • MTC17-049 – 14.96m @ 1.43% Li2O from 1.54m depth, including:
    ▪ 7.96m @ 2.55% Li2O (1.54 to 8.50m)
  • MTC17-050 – 4.35m @ 1.79% Li2O from 18.29m depth, including:
    ▪ 2.18m @ 2.29% Li2O (19.4 m to 21.58m)

• Resource definition drilling to continue at Cancet in mid-2018, after a comprehensive field mapping program. Further drilling designed to extend the strike of the mineralised pegmatite zone as well as further define the mineralisation at depth and drill test additional targets identified through the magnetic survey
• Field mapping, sampling, stripping and trenching of secondary targets, including targets at the newly acquired Cancet East project will also be completed concurrent to the resource definition

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MTC Consolidates Wells-Lacourciere Lithium Project Ownership

MetalsTech Completes Consolidation of the Wells-Lacourciere Lithium Project

MetalsTech Limited (MTC or the Company) is pleased to announce that the Company has completed the consolidation of the 100%-owned Wells-Lacourciere Lithium Project, located in Quebec, Canada.


  • Consolidation of the Wells-Lacourciere Lithium Project, located approximately 60km west of Val-d’Or in Quebec, Canada
  • Wells-Lacourciere includes 155 mining claims covering an area of 9,150 hectares and is located close to existing mine-related infrastructure including the recently restarted Quebec Lithium Mine
  • Geological work completed by MTC in 2016 identified several pegmatite outcrops with significant spodumene mineralisation, and returned assays as high as 7.34% Li2O (calculated) (in spodumene samples) and 2.67% Li2O (in bulk samples) (Refer to Prospectus dated 7 December 2016)
  • Exploration at Wells-Lacourciere in 2018 will first focus on the current pegmatite outcrop which has been mapped over a strike in excess of 600m as well as geological sampling at new pegmatite discoveries

Commenting on the consolidation at Wells-Lacourciere, Executive Director, Mr Gino D’Anna stated:
“We are pleased to have completed our consolidation of the Wells-Lacourciere project. The recently acquired claims are strategically positioned at the site of a historically explored mineralised zone where grades of up to 7.34% Li2O in surface samples and 2.67% Li2O in bulk samples were reported. Once completion of the recently announced strategic funding deals with Wuxi Baichuan and Dynavolt have occurred, we will look to commence significant exploration programs at Wells-Lacourciere in addition to our planned programs at the Cancet and Adina lithium projects.”

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Completion of MERN Transfers and Strategic Chinese Investment Update

MetalsTech Limited (MTC or the Company) is pleased to announce that the Quebec Government and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Quebec (MERNQ) have formally completed and registered the transfer of the mining claims into MTC subsidiaries. The finalisation of this process allows for the completion of the $4.8m funding deals with chemical producer Wuxi Baichuan Chemical Industry Co Ltd (BCC) and battery manufacturer Dynavolt Renewable Energy Technology Co Ltd (Dynavolt).


Mining Claims Transfers

• Quebec Government and the MERNQ have formally completed and registered the transfers of the mining claims into MTC subsidiaries pursuant to various acquisition agreements and direct claim staking

• The completion of this key milestone paves the way for strategic investments from BCC and Dynavolt

Dynavolt Strategic Investment

• Dynavolt is one of the largest battery manufacturers globally and a market leader in EV car and motorcycle batteries with a market capitalisation of more than 10 billion CNY

• Dynavolt to subscribe for 10,000,000 MTC shares at a price of $0.30 per share to raise
$3,000,000 with 6 months’ escrow, subject to regulatory approval, for which the Company will be
seeking shareholder approval

• MTC to facilitate Dynavolt share accumulation strategy by introducing third party shareholders (and advisors) for the acquisition of up to a further 5,000,000 MTC shares through on-market purchases

• If Dynavolt increases its share ownership to >12.5% Dynavolt will earn:

o a right to participate in placements for 12 months to maintain ownership position
o a right to match any project-level investment by a third party within 12 months up to 10% project-level interest

• If Dynavolt increases its share ownership to >15% Dynavolt will earn a Board seat

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Cleansing Statement

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Appendix 3B

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MetalsTech Cleansing Statement

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Appendix 3B

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